Hand dyed queen sized mandala

This mandala I dyed by request to make a quilt for my niece. Black does not ice dye, so I dyed the black “normally”, and used heat to set the color. Then I ice dyed the rest of the colors on the quilt. I am so pleased with the results! Stay tuned for the finished quilt. . .

Crossed Canoes

A few weeks ago, I finished quilting this gorgeous client quilt. The piecing in this quilt is perfect, which helped make it a joy to quilt. As a bonus, it has been accepted into the Northwest Quilt Expo’s juried quilt show at the end of September. I am excited, but nervous. I have not had a quilt entered in a quilt show before. This post is about the quilting journey of this beautiful quilt. Here is the completed quilt front:

It all started with drawing out my quilting ideas on a photo of the quilt. This was the first pass:After consulting with the quilt’s owner, we refined the design. Some ruler work combined with freehand feathers and pebbles::

The next step was basting the quilt. We decided on double batting; Hobb’s Tuscany wool cotton blend under Quilter’s Dream wool. Quilting started with stitching in the ditch with Superior’s Monofilament thread:

Each block required three different thread colors. I used Glide for all of the top thread, and Superior’s Sew Fine for the back. The thread on the back was one color – red. I quilted all blocks with one color, then went back with the other two. I knotted and buried my thread tails as I went.

I used Linda Hrcka’s (The Quilted Pineapple) quilting templates for the straight and curved lines. Her 10″ curve was just right for quilting the curve in these blocks that gives the illusion of a perfect circle. I cannot recommend her rulers enough!

After finishing the blocks, the borders were quilted. The inner tan border was quilted with parallel lines filled with pebbles. I echoed the beautiful curve within the large appliqued red border, then filled with curling feathers. The final, pieced border was quilted with pebbles in the tan triangles and parallel lines (mirroring the lines in the block design) in the brown triangles. 

And the quilting was finished! Here is the back: 

Thanks for checking it out! Cross your fingers that it does well at the show!



Commissioned hand dyed quilt top and hand dyed velvet backing

I had such a great time creating this custom dyed quilt. I hand dyed the 100% cotton top and binding, and cotton velveteen backing to match. I quilted it with edge to edge frogs per customer request. It is so bright and cheery, it made me smile the whole time I was working on it.

Commissioned Turquoise and Yellow hand dyed mandala

Commissioned Turquoise hand dyed velvet backing.

Snow dyeing!

You know what is better than ice dyeing? Snow dyeing! No need to raid the ice maker, or buy bags of ice. I can just walk out onto the deck and scoop some up! Here are some of my latest ice dyed mandalas. I have posted the available ones for sale (see the Shop! link above, or you can purchase through Etsy).

42″ x 42″ purple, blue, brown and orange mandala

21″ x 21″ red, yellow and orange mandala

21″ x 21″ purple, blue, pink and white mandala

42″ x 42″ blue, green, turquoise mandala

Ice dyeing Mandalas

So today I played with ice dyeing Mandalas. I am slightly obsessed with dyeing, so this is a natural progession, ha ha ha. I am very happy with the results! These are my first two attempts. The turquoise and avacado piece I am planning on refolding and dyeing again. Stay tuned for the results!!

Turquoise and Avacado mandala

Turquoise and Avacado mandala


Deep Space and Royal Blue mandala