Snow dyeing!

You know what is better than ice dyeing? Snow dyeing! No need to raid the ice maker, or buy bags of ice. I can just walk out onto the deck and scoop some up! Here are some of my latest ice dyed mandalas. I have posted the available ones for sale (see the Shop! link above, or you can purchase through Etsy).

42″ x 42″ purple, blue, brown and orange mandala

21″ x 21″ red, yellow and orange mandala

21″ x 21″ purple, blue, pink and white mandala

42″ x 42″ blue, green, turquoise mandala

Ice dyeing Mandalas

So today I played with ice dyeing Mandalas. I am slightly obsessed with dyeing, so this is a natural progession, ha ha ha. I am very happy with the results! These are my first two attempts. The turquoise and avacado piece I am planning on refolding and dyeing again. Stay tuned for the results!!

Turquoise and Avacado mandala

Turquoise and Avacado mandala


Deep Space and Royal Blue mandala

Halloween Quilt

I finished up the quilting on my Halloween quilt that I started last year. Hey, at least it is finished in time for THIS Halloween! And Halloween fabric never goes out of style. I used black sateen for the backing, which is so pretty! The batting is Hobb’s 80/20. The top threads are Glide, Glide 60wt, and Glow-in-the-Dark thread from Superior. I used Omni and Bottom-line on the back. I love the results!100816_sewscary_front100816_sewscary_borders100816_sewscary_houses100816_sewscary_back

My First Blog Post

Welcome to my updated website! Twisted Stitcher Quilting offers professional quilting services in Carlton, OR. Besides quilting, I am working on creating piecing patterns, and hand dying natural fiber fabric like VELVET! Keep an eye out for my SECOND blog post, which will include a simple project to use up those small pieces of leftover batting! This project makes a great and much appreciated gift as well. Also, I tend to post my latest customer quilts on my Twisted Stitcher Facebook page located here.